Interview with various women around me. Discussion on their life experiences. Their hard time. Turning point of life. Who became inspiration. Lessons and learning. Present situation Planned destination etc To motivate eachother from such stories.

  • E-magazine

    Excited to Announce The Launching of an e-magazine to Inspire womanhood

    हर स्त्री एक प्रेरणा! (स्वावलंबी महिलाओं की No.1 प्रेरणास्त्रोत E-magazine): हर स्त्री एक प्रेरणा! एक ऐसा मंच है जहां महिलाएं अपनी उपलब्धियों और पहचान की अनकही कहानियां बात सकती हैं। वह कहानियां जिनमें…