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Ramandeep Kaur

Life is very tough and busy as well but creativity gives charm and wow feeling apart from routine puzzles. Creative writing is one such creativity where we can express our feelings through words. Writing shows its creative side when it comes in the form of poem or rhyming and fiction or limitless imagination. Pearls of words brings a fabulous collection of creative writings like poems, fiction and  articles. It’s a wide range of topics concerning moms, kids and society all together. It has philosophical based Poems, Short Stories, articles ec with feel & purpose.

“I admire utilizing time & skills in creating something productive specially Staying at Home.”

E-Magazine: “Prerna ki Awaaz”

We are extremely happy that we are continuously moving towards the objective with which we started our caravan where E-magazine: “Prerna Ki Awaaz” presents stories of achievements of people around the globe, who approach us with great enthusiasm to share their life journey to inspire many more. In this series, every issue of respected magazine is undoubtedly an inspiring story in itself. The founder and story writer Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur along with her team presents these stories before you very efficiently.

Prerna (Inspiration):-

As the name suggests, the specialty of this magazine is the struggling story of every common person. Here we will call them Inspiration or Prerna. Those whose stories will be the inspiration for an issue will be able to see their pictures like models on the cover page of the magazine.

It is a multi-disciplinary bilingual magazine which basically has three parts:

Prerna (Featured Lady):- The cover page with her image and about 5 to 10 pages are decorated only with Prerna’s (your) life story and images. This gives some inspiration to others and the story of your lifetime achievement is kept with you in the form of a journal forever.

Literature:- Publication of poems, tales, stories etc. on the same subject for women interested in artistic writing, from budding to senior litterateurs.

Expert Advisors:- Under this, articles sent by experts on various very important topics (like legal advice, health-related advice, Ayurveda, Vastu Shastra, astrology, numerology, physiotherapy, cuisine, business advisory, parenting etc.) are sent by experts. Through this, readers are welcomed and if someone is doing his own business, he can health-related problems by contacting them personally with your article. In this way, experts are also promoting their business through sponsored posts.


  • The basic objective of this magazine is to bring to the fore the inspirational stories of those people whom no one else is able to reach and the amazing life stories of those exceptionally talented people which are not accessible to others.
  • Understanding the real situation of people from an emotional point of view and some positive changes in the duplicitous behavior of the society is expected.
  • To establish a source of inspiration for those people who are still not able to take any decision for their dreams deep inside.


  • This magazine published in Hindi and English language can be easily read and understood by the common people.
  • Apart from this, people associated with private business can also promote their products and services through their story.
  • Readers will also be able to know about these essential facilities and can contact each other if needed.
  • Apart from this, the best thing is that here a best team of experienced writers, editor and technical help etc. is available which makes your writing from the best to the best and decorates it so that the readers stay connected with it and wait for your next article.
  • We are proud that people are liking our magazine in more than 10 countries where thousand readers are shareing their affection & countless creative writers are joining us day by day.


The vision of E-magazine: “Prerna ki Awaaz” at www.pearlsofwords.com is grow our editorial reach and audience into multiple communities across the country with similar demographics through collaborative relationships.


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