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22. Shaminee Nath📿 Nov-2023
21. Ādhyavi Saree 🎖️Sept -2023
20. Chandrakala Sharma 🍂Jul-Aug-2023
19. Kanta Ben 🍀 Feb -2023

18. Nidhi Garg 🎒 Oct-2022
17. Seema Garg 🪐 (Manjari) July-2022 🍂
16. Aastha Sharma 🍂 Jun-2022
15. Rita Singh 🌱 May-2022🌷

14. Archana Gupta 🧜🏻‍♀️Apr-2022
13. Women’s day & Holi special 🎉Mar-2022
12. Arti Singh Bhadoriya 💌Feb-2022
11. Ruhi Singh👸🏻 Jan-2022

10. Prerna Singh 🌱 Dec-2021
8. Suman Arora Oct-2021
7. Radha Shailendra 🌼 Sept- 2021
6. Maya Saini 🌻 Aug-2021

The name of a magazine brings an exciting smile to everyone’s face. Tales, stories, dishes, fashion and whatnot…and the most exciting part is the attractive photo of a stylish model printed on the cover page!! Do you also want to see your dreams take flight? Want to see thousands of readers inspired and encouraged by your published story? Have you also dreamed of appearing on the cover page of a magazine?? So…, here we are with an e-magazine, the source of inspiration for the self-reliant world, “Prerna ki Awaaz”… E-magazine: “Prerna ki Awaaz” is a platform where every ordinary and special person is becoming a source of inspiration by encouraging countless people with his/her struggle story.

5. Dr. Meenu Punia ⛹🏻July 2021
4. Anjula Singh Bhadoriya🧜🏻‍♀️June- 2021
3. Sajida Akram 🧕🏻May- 2021
Open Book
1. International Women’s Day 🙋🏻 March -2021