“Har Stri Ek Prerna”

E-Magazine: “Prerna Ki Awaaz” every time presents a new story of achievements. The stories of people around the globe comes out with great enthusiasm. We are extremely happy that we are continuously moving towards the objective with which we started our caravan. In this series, this issue is undoubtedly an inspiring story in itself. .

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24. Feb/Mar-2024 👩‍❤️‍👩
23. Dr. Savita Chaddha📻 Jan-2024
22. Shaminee Nath📿 Nov-2023
21. Ādhyavi Saree 🎖️Sept -2023
20. Chandrakala Sharma 🍂Jul-Aug-2023
19. Kanta Ben 🍀 Feb -2023

Our representative and story writer Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur along with her entire team presents the story before you efficiently. Prerna (Inspiration):-

As the name suggests, the specialty of this magazine is the struggling story of every common person. Here we will call them Inspiration or Prerna. Those whose stories will be the inspiration for an issue will be able to see their pictures like models on the cover page of the magazine

Anthology ✨ “The Festivals of India”
An Anthology ✨ “त्योहारों के रंग प्रेरणा के संग”

18. Nidhi Garg 🎒 Oct-2022
17. Seema Garg 🪐 (Manjari) July-2022 🍂
16. Aastha Sharma 🍂 Jun-2022
15. Rita Singh 🌱 May-2022🌷
14. Archana Gupta 🧜🏻‍♀️Apr-2022
13. Women’s day & Holi special 🎉Mar-2022

12. Arti Singh Bhadoriya 💌Feb-2022
11. Ruhi Singh👸🏻 Jan-2022
10. Prerna Singh 🌱 Dec-2021
8. Suman Arora Oct-2021
7. Radha Shailendra 🌼 Sept- 2021
6. Maya Saini 🌻 Aug-2021

5. Dr. Meenu Punia ⛹🏻July 2021
4. Anjula Singh Bhadoriya🧜🏻‍♀️June- 2021
3. Sajida Akram 🧕🏻May- 2021
2. Suman Panwar 🌸 April -2021
1. International Women’s Day 🙋🏻 March -2021


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