How to Change Behaviour of Children Using Positive Affirmations

Communication with children is a big challenge for the parents. It is not because they hardly understand anything yet but they are going to copy you as the way you deliver your words along with the emotion behind them.

Try to use more positive words then negative.

“Word your directions to the children in a positive manner.

Tell them what you would like them to do, rather than what not to do.”

Tell children what they can do instead of what they can’t do.

For example:

If you want to aware your child to save the egg in both his hands or it might fell down. In that case generally you will going to scream and say, “Don’t drop the egg.”

Instead of it you can say, “Do Carry the eggs in both hands. ” And show him the way, like this…

Adults please reduce the use of negative words such as:



stop it,

cut it out,


shut up,

Otherwise, children may decide to tune the parent out-


Too many “don’ts” also cause negativism in children.

So, inspite of saying Don’t drag your jacket in the mud”

“Do Tie your jacket around your waist, like this…” –

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