Meditation is a spiritual activity to enhance our mental and physical well being.  It gives an opportunity to live inside yourself and enjoy the beauty of universal truth that, The God is  inside us. It relaxes our mind and encourage the feeling of infinite happiness in every situation. For me, it is like an energy drink, it gives me all the power to cope up with the ups and downs of life. Meditation is the only way to understand yourself by spending sometime within yourself along with the supreme powers of almighty.
According to Wikipedia, Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally clam state. Meditation has been practiced since antiquity in numerous religious traditions and beliefs.
In this article I am trying to share my thoughts and my experience with Meditation as   a Woman, a Homemaker and a MUM . I want my reader friend’s to be calm and peaceful inside so that you become energetic and happy outside and keep working without stress.  
In the above link we have discussed about accepting the reality of workload in a positive way. And as we have to deal with the reality, we should be careful about Our personal Well being (both mental and physical).
STARTING OF MEDITATIONIn the beginning, when I just heard about Meditation it seems to be too tough and unapproachable for me. I was  wondering that, How can people sit so stable without thinking anything? But gradually when I started sitting for myself, within the company of me. I felt so relaxed and contented. Because this is the time when I am completely free from the liabilities of entire world and just feeling my breathe and the sound of nature. Then I keep sitting for 5 to 10 minutes whenever I get time. Then I realize, that Meditation is like learning a skill. Any skill like dancing or swimming or calligraphy, that means practice and understand the way it work and then practice and keep practicing till you feel, now I can proceed with my skill without giving much attention on it and it just move on.
BEST TIME FOR IT: In the Morning, The lovely smell of surroundings and the chirping of birds with rising sun give me the feel of natural warmth and belongingness.  In Evening, it is again a charm of evening prayers all around and the smell of lamps (Diya) and Agarbatti, sounds of bells or Shankh mesmerize me. I felt peace of mind and keep doing it. At MidNight, when everyone sleeps, I enjoy the quietness and peace all around. so that means it’s nothing fix with it. It’s all about our chance, when ever we get complete loneliness, we can do it. 
HOW TO PROCEED: First of all get free from all the work, so that the mind should not move towards pending things. Now sit straight on a comfortable situation, on floor or chair. Relax all the body parts and start taking  deep breathe. Keep calm and concentrate on breathing. Let the thoughts come but try to just give countless gratitudes to the God for the countless blessings you received.
GRATITUDE FOR : The clean environment, air, water and food, the healthy body parts to enjoy the world, the family for togetherness, a society to live in, friends for support, reasons to smile and feelings to cry and many many more.
Gradually the inner feel starts connecting with Inner self and Disconnect our thoughts from outter sounds. Feel very close to the most charming idol of God, whosoever attracts the mind.
(Lord Shiva, Krishna, Guru Nanak ji, Gautam Buddha, Hanuman ji, Maa shakti etc)
And start slow chanting of His mantras or name (Jaap) Or Simran, the Repeatedly recitation of one name countlessly.  You can Pick the simple mantras Like:
Om, Om Namah Shivaye, Shivoham, Shree Krishna Sharnam Namah, Satnam Waheguruji, Om Hanumate Namah, Om Namo Narayanaye, Om Shiv Shaktiye Namah etc 
Or you might go with a light music, there are plenty of audios and vedios available to help feel good during Meditation.
Otherwise you can even sit silent just like that. All depends upon your choice. 
I love to chant Shivoham, it gives me a strong feel of embedding Lord Shiva within me.
The meaning of Shivoham is Shiv+aham=Shiv with in me. We can say, “I am shiv and shiv is me.”
Slow Down your voice and gradually the sound escape and the feeling of relaxation remains. Sometimes tears come out. I feel it because of the realization of my mistakes.
Mistakes by My Work  or My Words or by the Subconscious Evil thoughts for others.
Because we all know the right and wrong Activities we are doing in day today life. So when you realise that ask for forgiveness and of anything wrong happened with just forget that and move ahead.
Meditation is a practice to train our mind to concentrate and focus our thoughts.
  • Reduces stress
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhance Self-Awareness
  • Train to be Attentive
  • Enhance Memory
  • Generate Kindness
  • Improve sleep 
In this very fast and overcrowded world we have to find out the ways to stay happy, healthy and strong enough to move ahead properly. So find a Natural as well as very much tested way with no side effects i.e. Meditation.

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