MyPoem: The Intense Feel of Love❤

The Intense Feel of Love❤
I don’t know why!
I keep watching you…..
I don’t know why!
I keep feeling you…..
I don’t know How!
I make you understand…..
I don’t why why!
it’s rare & firm…..

I know it’s annoying
for you sometimes…..
I know I’m irritating too
at times…..
I have no choice rather
you just you…..
Coz You make me feel
special out of few…..

I don’t wanna learn
the meanings & terms…..
I just try to cherish
the moments I earn…..
I love you, I love you
that only I mean…..
Further whatever,
it’s just a big deal…..

Editorial Team (Prerna ki Awaaz)

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