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E-Magazine: “Prerna ki Awaaz”

(A bilingual magazine for The unique Journey of Life)

E-Magazine, “Prerna ki Awaaz”® | www.pearlsofwords.com | e.magazine.prerna@gmail.com


  • Company : Shine Expedia
  • Category of service : Digital Magazine
  • Name of the Magazine : “Prerna ki Awaaz”
  • Established : July 2019
  • Type of magazine : General Interest Magazine (Lifestyle | Inspiration)
  • Language : Bilingual (Hindi & English)
  • Format : PDF file (Soft copy)
  • Type of publishing (Interval) : Monthly
  • Readers demographic : Upper Middle class to High class
  • Area of distribution : Online (around the globe)
  • Subscription : Paid
  • website : www.pearlsofwords.com


  • Who receive paid PDF copy : approx 500 via email or whatsapp
  • On site (Platform for flip presentation) : approx 15,000 to 20,000
  • On social media : approx FB page 5000 (2 FB grp chat 1500 each, whatsapp groups, telegram grp, Instagram etc).
  • Paid Promotion : social media stories, reels, posts
  • Promotional products : video clips, flyers, posters etc

The name of a magazine brings an exciting smile on everyone’s face. Tales, stories, dishes, fashion and what not…and the most exciting part is the attractive photo of a stylish model printed on the cover page!! Do you also want to see your dreams take flight? Want to see thousands of readers inspired and encouraged by your published story? Have you also dreamed of appearing on the cover page of a magazine?? So…, here we are with an e-magazine, the source of inspiration for the self-reliant world, “Prerna ki Awaaz”… E-magazine: “Prerna ki Awaaz” is a platform where every ordinary and special person is becoming a source of inspiration by encouraging countless people with his/her struggle story.

Book your slot now… for Cover page photo with your inspirational life story… in just 3000/-

  • Publish your content (story) in 1000 words + 10-15 related pictures in 5-8 pages… & Get an opportunity to inspire many more…
  • Poster post for announcement…
  • Publication of cover page story in magazine, and become the part of the system & website forever…
  • Circulation of link and related posts on our various social media platforms…
  • The issue of the magazine will become lifetime achievement accumulation for further memories…

Content CATEGORY for publishing once in Digital Magazine “Prerna ki Awaaz”

  • Poems 16 lines 250/-
  • Short story. 250-500 words 350/-
  • Long story. 800-1000 words 750/-
  • Article. 500-800 words 500/-

Publishing packages for Digital Magazine “Prerna ki Awaaz”

  • 3 months 3 editions 1 page 1 topic 1 category each 1,500/-
  • 6 months 6 editions 1 page 1 topic 1 category each 3,000/-
  • 12 months 12 editions 1 page 1 topic 1 category each 5,000/-

Disclaimer:- You know that as a writer, we are called an author only when we get published somewhere… (When you publish your creations on social media platforms, it can be copied…) This is a private service organization where all you respected creative writers are given a platform to publish your creations. The grammar, punctuations etc have been edited and decorated with beautiful format on the appropriate template and with the magical presentation of the magazine, countless… An attempt has been made to give your writings a wonderful platform by reaching them to the readers, for which we naturally receive some amount of money, there is no scope for any kind of debate on this.

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