MyPoem: Sometimes


I want to get lost somewhere…

Hide myself in a secret attire….

May be Inside a shell, or in a tomb,

Where no one either seeks me..

Or could see my flow..

Where no signals found & no mail could drop..

Where I keep my emotions safe & express them awoke …

Where I stay like a baby & yell for my needs..

Where I can cry loud & no one laughs at me…

Where I could be alone but stay completely free…


I really want to speak the way I am

The way I want & the way I feel..

No matter how right or wrong I might be..


I feel to let you free….

I don’t need to force you to understand me…..

I don’t wanna be uncomfortable with memories …

Please my Lord, be kind to me

I’m sorry for all my poor deeds…

Editorial Team (Prerna ki Awaaz)

Hello Everyone, Thank you for being with Digital Magazine "Prerna ki Awaaz"... (An inspirational bilingual magazine for the unique journey of life of self-reliant & liberated world...) आत्मनिर्भर और मुक्त विश्व की अनूठी जीवन यात्रा के लिए एक प्रेरणादायक द्विभाषी पत्रिका... "प्रेरणा की आवाज़" के साथ बने रहने के लिए आपका हार्दिक आभार...

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